Fundraiser Order Process

Order Process:

1. Parents order directly from website
  • Treasures Embraced provides YOUR school with it's own Purchasing Code 
  • Add Child's Name in Note Section (below cross photo) in Cart Page
  • Enter Purchasing Code in Checkout Page 
  • TE tracks sales via website to calculate amount of proceeds given back to your organization and to each child.
  • TE delivers products to school periodically on a schedule convenient for your school. 
2. Google Form link is emailed to families.  To have access to more than 
    one type of cross, multiple links would be sent to each family depending on
    what crosses your organization chooses to offer. This type of arrangement is
    good if you are focusing on a certain special occasion that occurs at a  
    particular time of year.  Ex. Communions, Confirmations, Graduations.   
  • Families build and order their cross on google form.
  • Order is emailed to Treasures Embraced.
  • Payments are submitted to your organization from each family. 
  • Once fundraiser time period is over & all payments are processed and collected by your organization, a check is sent to Treasures Embraced LLC (less your organizations portion).  This can be discussed in more detail upon contacting us.  

          See samples google form links:   
                                  Custom communion
                                  Standard communion

          Delivery Process Options:
          1. We deliver to your organization on a schedule that is convenient for you.  If
              doing a year-long "running" fundraiser we can set up delivery for
              every 2 weeks.
          2. Customers can pickup their order outside our studio in Vernon, NJ.
          Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

          Dina Intorrella-Walker 
          Treasures Embraced LLC 
          Ph: 201-602-3184  
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