Order Process Churches & Schools

We can provide you with a few ways to "run" your fundraiser and customize your package in terms of cross designs that are offered and scripture you'd like on the crosses you offer your families / parishioners. 

There is option for us to set up a display of a cross in your school or church vestibule for families to see, as well as do a presentation at your PTA or Catechism family meeting. 

Order Process:
1. We send a Google Form link that you forward to families.  They build and order their cross. Order is sent to Treasures Embraced LLC.  Any questions or inquiries are handled by Treasures Embraced. 
2. We can also set up a Facebook Group page used for updates regarding delivery times, products being offered to your specific organization, and a forum for any questions families may have.

Payment Process;
All payments are submitted to your organization from each family.  Once all payments are processed and collected, then we will have you send a check (less your portion) to Treasures Embraced LLC.  This can be discussed in more detail upon contacting us!

Delivery Process:
We will arrange delivery to your organization on a schedule that is convenient for you.  If doing a year-long "running" fundraiser we can set up delivery for every 2 weeks on a schedule.  

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Treasures Embraced LLC 
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