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Our Celebration Crosses highlight a variety of special moments in life, with carefully selected and handpicked designs available to our clients.  These “Memory Holders” showcase a verse on the front for various occasions as well as open from the back and provide a unique way to enclose and display personal mementos and heirlooms, or utilize the Keepsake provided.  
Dimensions 12" x 7" x 1" 

Baptism / Christening / New Baby         Breast Cancer Survivor       
Communion                                              Confirmation                            
✧ Home / Family Blessing                            Firefighters                                     
Irish Blessing                                            Military
 Mother's Day                                            Police
 Wedding / Valentines                               Healthcare Heroes *NEW
Graduation  *NEW                                   ✧  Farmers   *NEW

We have many more cross options in addition to the ones listed above.  Please inquire with Treasures Embraced directly if you have any special requests.