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Honor a loved one with our handmade Memorial Crosses, or celebrate special moments in life with our Celebration crosses. Each cross is individually handmade, assembled, and painted.  These “Memory Holders” showcase a verse on the front and feature an area in the center that opens from the back that can hold a personal memento or heirloom, a photograph, small urn etc., or you can use the use the Keepsake provided. Dimensions 12" x 7" x 1" 

 Baptism / New Baby       ✧ Christmas                      ✧ Communion 
Confirmation                   ✧ Home                              ✧ Family
Farmers                           ✧ Firefighter                       ✧ Graduation
Healthcare                       ✧ Irish Blessing                 ✧ Memorial
Military                             ✧ Mother (Branch)            Mother (Lilac)
Police                               ✧ Veterans Memorial        Wedding / Anniversary / Valentines

 **We have many more cross options in addition to the ones listed above.  Please inquire with Treasures Embraced directly if you have any special requests.