Care & Assembly Instructions

 Fragile:  Fragile. Indoor use only; avoid areas with moisture and direct sunlight. Intended for wall hanging or easel display only.

✧  When placing objects inside:  When placing other personal objects inside: Place cross on soft surface or bubble wrap face down or hold cross upright. Be careful not to push hard on back of cross while face is down. Cross may crack and void the warranty. Take foam insert out and place personal item inside. Center it in the window, then place foam insert back in.

✧  Sizing a photograph to place inside:  Use small square template enclosed. Position template diagonally over photograph. The image area shown in the center square is what will be seen in the cross window. Draw a line on photo along outside edge of the diamond shape and cut to fit.

✧  Filling urns: Have your memorial professional fill urn. To fill urn yourself: Place wax paper or similar material underneath to catch any cremains that may fall. Take a small piece of paper and roll it up to create a funnelthat will fit inside the top of the urn and tape sides closed. Place paper funnel into top urn.  Pour small amount of fine cremains into paper funnel. Do not fill completely- leave space to insert the cork. After filling urn, insert cork and place a small bead of thick gel-like glue (cyanoacrylate i.e.,Loctite Super Glue Gel Control) around sides of cork where it meets the glass. Let dry for approximately 5 minutes.

✧  Place urn into enclosed white foam insert. Holding insert face up (with urn inside) place in center of cross.

  Cleaning acrylic window: Use lens cleaner wipes and gently clean front of cross. Avoid
any cleaning products that are abrasive like Windex. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

Each cross is individually handmade variations in color may occur.


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